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Creating an API Key

  1. Go to the Identities settings page.

  2. Select “Add new identity.” Name your identity something meaningful. The name is for your reference, so you can name it anything you want.

  3. Select “Add new credential” to create a new credential. You will get a popup.

Copy the API key and secret before dismissing the popup. Once you dismiss the popup, you will not be able to get the Secret. You can always create another key and secret if you forget to copy the secret.

You can test the API key and secret by configuring the commandline client and then running:

% ursactl show token

You should get a long string printed to the terminal. You can use this token when making API calls.

Marking a credential as inactive, or deleting the credential, doesn’t invalidate any authentication tokens already issued. These tokens have a 12-hour expiration.