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Most of the Ursa Frontier Platform APIs are GraphQL with REST where it makes sense to manage datasets and other large transfers. See Schemas for the GraphQL schemas.


The Ursa Frontier APIs use a bearer token rather than the API key and secret. You can get a bearer token using your API key and secret:

curl --user ${API_KEY}:${API_SECRET}

The result is a JSON document including a token property. The value of the token property is the bearer token for API requests. The token expires after 12 hours.

Rate Limits

The Ursa Frontier APIs have rate limits to prevent abuse. The rate limits for authenticated endpoints are per-user. The rate limits for unauthenticated endpoints are global.

When using an API endpoint that requires an authentication token, you are limited to 300 requests per minute. You will receive a 429 response when you exceed this limit.

The Ratelimit-Limit header contains the maximum number of requests you can make in the period. Use the Ratelimit-Remaining header to determine how many requests you have left.