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All resources in the Ursa Frontier platform are organized into projects. You can have any number of projects. This helps keep track of related resources.

Creating Projects

You can create a new project from the command line:

ursactl create project 'project-name' 'project description'

This will print three lines if successful, something like the following:

id: ae651ffb-d8fe-44bc-b894-7743a1460778

You can use the project name when specifying the project for other commands. You can use the project key in the ursactl.conf file to set the default project.

Listing Projects

You can see a list of projects:

ursactl list projects

You can get the output in YAML or JSON formats with the -o commandline flag. For example:

ursactl list projects -o json

This will print a JSON array of objects. The objects have the name, description, and uuid properties of the projects.

You can use tools like jq to process the output to pick out project information for use in scripting.